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Lego My People

Two of our B'nai Mitzvah students created a truly unique, and hilarious D'var Torah... using legos to tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt.
Eli Abeita gave this intro. Following the introduction is the video.

The Welcome Mat

Rabbi Josh is on an interfaith trip to Morocco and Spain.

Meeting Elijah

Rabbi Josh is on an interfaith trip to Morocco and Spain. He's blogging insights, experiences, and photos.
Here is one of his latest posts:


Rabbi Josh and Congregants take Interfaith Trip

Where is Rabbi Josh?

Fall Retreat Photos

We are back from our much needed retreat and ready to get back to work in the office.

For those who didn't have a chance to join us, here is a glimpse at some of our activities.

We hope you all had as much fun attending as we did planning and enjoying the weekend away.

If you attended and have photos, please send them to the office!

Heidi Whatley Rosh Hashanah D'var

CBH Member Heidi Whatley provided the D'var Torah on Rosh Hashanah. There was an overwhelmingly positive response and so we are printing the text at the request of members and visitors.  The D'var describes the challenges an opportunities of raising a black, Jewish son and confronting stereotypes.


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