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2nd Night Passover - RSVP now for pre-seder price

Passover Seder 2014 2nd night with Congregation Bet Haverim

Reminder to RSVP if you are planning to attend the 2nd night Passover Seder with CBH on Tuesday, April 15 at 6:30pm. We are ending online reservations Friday at noon so we can plan properly. You can still come if you don't pre-register, but the price goes up to $60 at the door.

We are planning fun games, interesting discussion topics, and other surprises to make the evening even more festive.

Shabbat Interactive Game

Shabbat Game Sscreenshot

Does your teen tune out during the Torah reading?

Feel the Buzz! Our latest musical labor of love

Feel the Buzz!
A note from Gayanne Geurin, CBH Music Director and Lay Cantor


Ezekiel's Vision

The Merkavah Project and Wheels Within Wheels are a part of the CBH Music Program’s upcoming exciting and expansive endeavor.

CBH Chorus music on CNN

The CBH Chorus is the background music for a CNN promotion for a show they are doing on Death Row Stories.

It will probably be airing through March 9th.

The Teaching Power of Nature, or What I Learned From Snowmageddon 2014

by Ellie McGraw, CBH Education DirectorHome of Ellie McGraw's grandparents in winter snow


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